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Your bathroom should incorporate all of the following:

  • Functionality
  • The needs of your family's size
  • Adequate storage for your bits and pieces
  • Fixtures that help you relax and still be functional
  • Proper ventilation to counter nasty smells and foggy mirrors
  • Correct heating for cold winter days and cooling for those hot and muggy summers
  • Adequate lighting
  • Surfaces that maintain their look for years to come.

Functional design: Trying to keep a family with kids amply serviced with a small bathroom can be living hell. Our experience allows us to help you optimise your space – regardless of its size, to make sure your bathroom is perfectly optimised for functionality.

Family needs: Every person in your family has no doubt different needs; your teenage son might think it's cool to have the latest hits blasting out while he's in the shower; your 6-year old daughter might wish for pink colours; your husband just wants a hassle-free zone; while you want a zenlike environment that invites you to take long bubble baths while sipping a glass of Chardonnay. We will work with you to make sure every memberof your family is happy with the end result.

Creative storage: Implementing creative storage solutions is one of our specialities. Together we will look at your existing space and what can be done to better use it. You will be able to enjoy a clutter-free environment

The right fixtures and fittings: Getting the right bath tub, or shower head can be paramount to how you will feel in your newly designed bathroom. We will inform you of the available appliances to fit your design needs, making sure your budget is kept in mind at the same time.
great to boot.

Proper ventilation/heating/cooling: Your bathroom should be free of mould, warm in winter, and cool in summer. This can all be achieved with the right layout and design during the draft stage. The last thing you want to experience is having to replace your bathroom a couple of years after the tradesmen have gone, due to issues with mould. Do it right from the start and you won't have to deal with these costly fixes.

Light up your space: Dingy-looking, dark bathrooms are so 70s. You don't have to suffer the same fate with your room. Today's design motto is to incorporate plenty of lighting. Correctly-placed down lights can compliment wall lights and accent lighting to create that relaxing ambience you most likely crave.

Who likes cleaning?
Nobody really. Most home owners would rather do something else than running around trying to keep those mirrors polished, the brassware gleaming and the toilet sparkling to perfection. You don't have to waste precious time to upkeep your bathroom. We show you the surfaces that encourage the longevity of your bathroom to help you enjoy more interesting past times

Spaces Should Be Practical, Not a Waste!

Do you have wasted spaces in your home?
Perhaps you've got unpractical wardrobes, media rooms that could do with some creative injection, or other wasted areas that can benefit from our expertise?

Regardless what space needs our direct attention – we've got a solution for you. Together with you we will:

  • Consider exactly what you need, what you have in mind, and what fits best l
  • Consider the outcome you are trying to achieve
  • Look at the best storage design for that area/space l
  • Look at what is important to your unique storage needs and provide storage space accordingly l
  • Incorporate your vision to help you create the lifestyle you want l
  • Utilise the space to create your ideal wardrobe, outside the kitchen, bar, media room or entertainment room

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