Häfele Australia Pty. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Häfele companies. Häfele is a highly-regarded partner to building planners, to the woodworking industry, to the joinery and related trades, and to property developers. Its comprehensive hardware technology supply range includes:

Lincoln Sentry is a family owned Australian business, supplying hardware and
components to selected manufacturing industries. Established in 1986 we have
grown rapidly to operate nationally in Australia with over 25 branches.

When it comes to finishing touches on architectural projects, whether it's Commercial Buildings, Entry Doors, Kitchen Cabinets or Bathrooms that offer functionality as well as a touch of class, you can't go past superior range of Architectural Hardware offered by Madinoz. Perfect for any renovation, design or new development, The Madinoz range of Architectural Hardware has something for every project requirement including residential building and renovations, as well as architectural hardware needs

Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture into an experience that significantly increases the comfort of motion in all areas of the house, but especially the kitchen. Over 4500 employees are working worldwide realising our goal to create perfect motion for Blum fittings systems. Within this process, we always focus on the needs of the kitchen and furniture user.

Our fittings systems shout "high quality" with their well-thought-out function, recognised design and high durability. They are designed to spark inspiration and create an emotional experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks

The original inventor and first company in the world to use natural quartz, CaesarStone manufactures and markets surfaces comprised of 93% natural quartz - one of nature's strongest minerals - that enable more varied, long-lasting and practical solutions than natural stone.

Acclaimed worldwide for its unique combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, ongoing R&D and product development, CaesarStone designed surfaces offer the ultimate combination of form and function.

Established in 1988 in the Brisbane western suburbs, Marble Works Pty Ltd is a family owned business servicing a large clientele in the south east corner of Queensland in the manufacture and installation of quality stone products

Staron® Solid Surfaces created by Samsung, is a technoligically advanced homogeneous surface comprised of a natural mineral derived from bauxite ore and naturally blended with 100% pure acrylic resin, resulting in the world's premium surface material.
Staron® is a surface solution suitable for endless projects in commercial or residential applications. The flexibility of Staron® has made it a surface solution for different applications including the kitchen, bathroom, healthcare, education, retail, office and hotels just to name afew

Concetto is a collection of extraordinary surfaces hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones.Sourced from all corners of the world, semi-precious stones radiate the
most vivid colors and breathtaking designs of all natural materials.
Now, in a unique blend of art, nature and technology, Concetto brings the
dazzling splendor and powerful energy of these stones to the surface.
Concetto's easy-living characteristics are as strong as its beauty. Being extremely heat, stain and scratch resistant, the emphasis is on high quality and low maintenance.

The Laminex Group is the leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of premium decorative surfaces in Australia and New Zealand and has a portfolio of market leading brands.
In addition, it produces raw wood panels in Australia, which are an important input for its premium products, and which allow it to market and distribute a complete range of both premium and trade products to customers

Flex Corporation is a growing family owned business, focused on delivering quality products and services to the kitchen industry. The largest manufacturer of thermo-laminated doors in Queensland, our FlexiPress doors are produced using state-of-the-art equipment. Featuring a large range of designs, you can create a look that sets your kitchen apart - from smooth and crisp modern profiles, to heritage and colonial looks that recreate a time since past. With both Australian and overseas sourced thermo-laminates, you can let your imagination run wild with our wide range of colours and textures.

Amerind is Australia's leading independent marketer, distributor and manufacturer of decorative architectural finishes.
Since 1970, Amerind has manufactured a range of products in Australia as well as selecting a portfolio of fine decorative products from overseas including:

• High quality timber veneers
• Premio architectural panels (HPL)
• Colorboard melamine panels (LPM)
• Solid timber and German engineered laminate flooring
• Furniture and construction grade timber
• Plywood, MDF, particle board and block board
• E0 and FSC approved substrates

In the New Age we require the warmth and beauty of timber with the demands of predictability and well managed forestry. Global impacts on our natural resources have spurred demands for innovative products to catalyse and compliment future trends in architectural and interior design.
With this need in view, New Age Veneers proudly present an elegant, timely and unique range

The BAF, a division of Baresque Australia, was formed in 2004 to provide progressive and innovative materials to the Architecture and Design Industry. By offering designers the flexibility and creative freedom of customization, we seek to achieve the most advanced spatial solutions. The BAF offers materials that enhance the light, colour and texture of the interior environment while maintaining the practical and functional objectives of the project

Unique Finance and Property Solutions is a dynamic, privately owned financial services company, with the ambition of proactively providing personal and ethical advice to assist you in creating ongoing financial stability and success.
Unique Finance & Property Solutions, has over 15 years experience helping clients save time and money while achieving their goals. As our name says, we specialise in finding the right solutions for all your finance and property needs.

Have a strong focus on building design and produce high quality
documentation. We ensure your building needs are met, with
innovative solutions, while keeping practicalities in mind. We will listen
to you, and help you through the mysteries of the building process

With an outstanding array of colours, styles and surface finishes, the polytec range of doors, panels and laminates is amongst the most comprehensive in Australia. Choose from the traditional luxury of our THERMOLAMINATED vinyl doors & panels, our stylish ALUMINIUM framed
glass doors, or the many colours and finishes of our fashionable MELAMINE doors & panels. Complete your kitchen design with our
contemporary range of LAMINATE & bench tops




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