What Our Clients Say

“Kim and his team are craftsmen – not just cabinet makers. I had a rough idea for my kitchen and laundry renovation project, but sat down with Kim and talked about it. He came up with some great ideas. He wasn't afraid to investigate some of my suggestions and we ended up running with a combination of everyone's input. During the well-defined process, Kim was always very consultable, flexible and not afraid to make late changes. His attention to detail is amazing and great value. Kim stuck to the assigned budget. Sublime's done a fantastic job!”
- Jennifer Allen

“Thanks to Sublime's professional service I now have a wonderful new kitchen that is stylish, functional and high quality. Sublime listened to what I had to say, and they were willing to negotiate. During the remodel The Sublime Team took good care of me . I have no hesitation to recommend Sublime's services to other people. The price I paid was reflective of the quality of work that was done.” - Kerry Duce

“Kim Duffin and Sublime are an innovative team of designers and cabinet makers.  Kim is a rare member of the industry in that he combines several talents into one individual professional.  His design abilities mesh well with us as building designers, and we know when we involve him that his works (often the kitchen) will live up to the intent of the building.  We also know Kim and Sublime will help owners achieve something way beyond a standard zone, and they usually sing his praises louder than us! ’” - Peter Latemore—Latemore Design




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